"The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives."
- Esther Perel

While individual therapy provides a space to explore recurring life patterns & themes, process group offers a place to engage both as they surface in the here-and-now. Through group interactions, members have the opportunity to be seen, understood, and challenged. In this way, group provides a trustworthy relational space for feedback and risk-taking.

Because process groups use immediacy as a gateway to understanding, personal growth comes through lived experience rather than abstract discussion. 


In a session, group members are invited to share thoughts and feelings that come up about one's self and in response to others. Connections are then able to made between what is unfolding and the emotionally significant history that each person carries into the room.


Through this process, members are better able to confidently share personal experience, assert wants and needs, and learn how to be genuinely receptive and available to others. 

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Process Groups are an ideal place to:

- understand how past relationships influence present ones

- learn to get emotional needs met by others 
- learn how to tolerate and skillfully navigate conflict 

- develop a circle of people who can be counted on for direct feedback and support

-undo feelings of isolation and loneliness

Group sessions are 90 minutes
meet weekly
and typically include 6 to 8 members

If you are interested in talking more about this therapeutic option, please feel free to contact me below.