"Those successful in group are successful in life."

- Lou Ormont

While individual therapy provides a place for you to discuss and explore issues, group therapy is the place to work on those issues as they play out in real, live interactions with others. You will gain understanding of your own behavior through the response and feedback of fellow members, and have the opportunity to try out new ways of being, communicating, and engaging. Group therapy is an extraordinarily effective means of creating change in your relational life.

People often think group therapy is for those who don’t have the privilege of access to individual therapy. In fact, the real difference is that process groups provide a setting for putting into practice with others what can only be discussed in individual therapy.


From your initial reaction to the group, to the way you approach the unfolding process, you’ll be amazed by how much every detail of your experience and behavior tell you about your patterns of relating. In this way, group provides an unparalleled opportunity for self-understanding and growth.

In a session, group members are invited to share whatever thoughts and feelings are coming up in the moment, either within themselves or towards other members - including the leader. Connections are then able to made between what is getting stirred and the emotionally significant history that each member carries into the room. Through this process, members become more adept at communicating their inner experience, working through old relational patterns that are no longer adaptive, and locating a new sense of self that is seen & heard by others. 

Process Groups are an ideal place to address:

Personal development

Social skills and awareness

Empathy and its expression

Feelings of isolation and loneliness; belonging

How feelings about figures from the past effect interaction with others

Group sessions are 90 minutes.


If you are interested in talking more about this therapeutic option, please feel free to contact me below.