Welcome to my website site. As a psychotherapist, I work wholeheartedly with clients to expand beyond limiting patterns of thinking, feeling, and relating. I have a doctorate degree in clinical psychology, hold licenses in psychotherapy & addictions counseling, and am a certified group psychotherapist. 

I believe that our emotional experience communicates something vital about our edges of self-understanding and availability to others. The feelings that haunt us (like anxiety, anger, & depression) can become thresholds to a greater sense of aliveness when understood & elaborated in a therapeutic relationship. I will work collaboratively with you to face what is difficult, reinforce what is strong, and to claim a life that is rich with meaning, purpose, and connection.

I also have over fifteen years of experience leading process groups with people of diverse backgrounds and histories. Since the quality of our relationships is the primary indicator of life satisfaction, group therapy is singular in it ability to address how we connect and engage with others. Many of the clients I see individually also choose to participate for some duration in a process group where they are able to work in the here-and-now with new forms of relating and communicating. This is always an option I can discuss and explore more with you depending on your therapeutic goals. 


The therapeutic approach I take is grounded in years of experience, is trauma-informed, and guided by advanced trainings in a Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Attachment-Informed Therapy, Modern Psychoanalysis, Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Motivational Interviewing. This range will allow us to discuss your personal needs and determine a direction that is both comprehensive and effective.

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