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Welcome to my website.


As both a therapist and group leader, I focus on helping people live and relate with more meaning, spontaneity, and emotional richness. I hold a doctoral degree in clinical psychology as well as licenses in psychotherapy & addictions counseling. My therapeutic approach is informed by relational & modern psychoanalysis and is grounded in 20 years of clinical experience. In addition to my private practice, I hold faculty positions at Adelphi University's Derner Institute and EGPS's Group Training Program.

I believe our emotional lives - our feelings & memories - provide vital links to our capacity for aliveness. The problem is that we often struggle to makes sense of these experiences and to use them for meaningful change. Core emotions that frequently haunt us like fear,  anger,  sadness, loneliness can be openings to a greater sense of meaning when explored, elaborated, and understood in a therapeutic relationship.

In addition to individual therapy, I lead weekly process groups with people of diverse backgrounds and histories. I believe group therapy is unparalleled in its ability to help us connect more meaningfully with ourselves & others. Given this, many clients I see individually also participate in a process group when the time is right.


During a consultation, I would be happy to explore with you which approach might best meet your therapeutic goals. 


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