When habits, behavior, or thoughts become confusing or troubling, and emotional pain becomes part of your daily experience, individual therapy provides relief through proactive and collaborative processing. Working one on one in private, focused sessions, you’ll be engaged in a supportive exploratory process that will empower you to face challenges directly and claim the quality of life you desire.

Maybe something unexpected has happened to you that’s thrown off your sense of well-being. It may be an event, something you’ve done, something that has happened to you. Or perhaps no discernible change has taken place in your life, but you find yourself feeling angry, sad, scared, or engaging in compulsive behaviors that disrupt your life. Whether what you’re experiencing is a major obstacle, or a more subtle and disquieting rumble within you, individual psychotherapy is an approach to discovering new feelings of stability, clarity, safety and fulfillment.

To be human is to live with a story of who you are. We tell this story in words and actions every day. Often, however, we encounter difficult experiences that we cannot fully integrate and process as part of our stories. These experiences haunt us and erupt to the surface in the form of distressing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They create painful rifts in the story that we understand to be ourselves. When this happens, life can begin to feel chaotic and overwhelming or rigid and dull. In individual therapy, we learn to expand our story. In the process, we begin to understand ourselves in new ways and to find ourselves living with a greater sense of richness, meaning, and freedom. My life’s work is about partnering with you to create those changes.

I specialize in working with clients who struggle with:

Anxiety & Depression


Anger management


Grief & Loss

Substance Abuse & Addiction

Compulsive Behaviors & Disordered Eating

Sexual Orientation & Crisis of Identity


Life can feel different. I know firsthand how hard it is to take the first step of getting help. But everything becomes possible and workable when we have a space in which we can confront our shame, say everything, and feel empowered to make new choices

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