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Whether you are new to therapy or just looking for a different approach, reaching out takes courage. I will respond to your curiosity and life situation with the thoughtful care it deserves. I think a therapeutic relationship works best when there is a sense of collaboration and spontaneous engagement. During an initial consultation, I will work with you to understand what is happening and explore if we may be a good fit.

I believe stories are fundamental to how we understand ourselves and the world. Often, however, these stories are too small to encompass the complexity of who we are and how we honestly feel. Distressing thoughts, emotions, and memories often signal to us new stories that need to be told as well as rigid narratives that need to be challenged and re-considered. 

Therapy can offer a space for thoughtful reflection and emotional companionship as you explore new ways of understanding you past, present, and future.


People are made of stories. Our memories are not the impartial accumulation of every second we’ve lived; they’re the narrative that we assembled out of selected moments.
- Ted Chiang

Possibilities emerge when we have a space to say everything, untangle our thoughts & feelings, and discover ourselves in new ways. Consistent with any enduring change, therapy needs to be an experience. Talking and relating in a meaningful, emotionally honest way can be that experience. Contact me below to begin the conversation.

Update: I am not currently accepting new individual clients. Please contact me below if you are interested in one of my Process Groups. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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