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Coming Alive: An AGPA E-Learning Training Group

Sunday, December 4, 11, 18

2:00 - 6:00 EST via Zoom


AGPA Connect 2023: Special Interest Institute


Coming Alive: Vitalization, deadness, and unfolding in group process

March 7- 8th 2023 

Session Description:

In a group pulsing with aliveness, risks ‎are taken, and new meanings emerge as ‎members engage with a wider range of thoughts & ‎feelings. But what about when this ‎process stalls or stops? How do we ‎make sense of a group retreating into ‎silent withdrawal or defensive chit-chat? How can episodes of deadness be a threshold rather than a threat? ‎This SIS Institute addresses these ‎questions by exploring what catalyzes states of aliveness and deadness in the group’s unfolding life.