When habits, behavior, or thoughts become confusing or troubling, and emotional pain becomes part of your daily experience, individual therapy provides relief through proactive and collaborative processing. Working one on one in private, focused sessions, you’ll be engaged in a supportive exploratory process that will empower you to face challenges directly and claim the quality of life you desire.


Cycles of pain creep up in all families. Whether you’re facing long-term, deeply entrenched issues or new challenges, responding to the longing to make things better through family therapy is a strong choice. With clear direction and support in a safe environment, we untangle things that are stuck or obscure, and find new ways to listen and communicate to pave a clear path forward.

GROUP Therapy

While individual therapy provides a place for you to discuss and explore issues, group therapy is the place to work on those issues as they play out in real, live interactions with others. You will gain understanding of your own behavior through the response and feedback of fellow members, and have the opportunity to try out new ways of being, communicating, and engaging. Group therapy is an extraordinarily effective means of creating change in your relational life.

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