Is your family stuck in painful cycles of conflict and disconnection? 

Cycles of pain creep up in all families. Whether you’re facing long-term, deeply entrenched issues or new challenges, responding to the longing to make things better through family therapy is a strong choice. With clear direction and support in a safe environment, we untangle things that are stuck or obscure, and find new ways to listen and communicate to pave a clear path forward.

When something happens within or to your family that is too much or too difficult to process together effectively, family therapy provides a means of opening up and communicating safely with one another, toward the goal of healing and a clear direction forward. Families are sometimes held in the grip of long silences, hurtful patterns, or old pains that haunt daily life. There is no shame in any of this- nor is it unusual. There is no such thing as a perfect family. But our work in family therapy can bring the joy of being heard by one another, and learning tools for communication and healthy living that will transform life together.

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