As a therapist, you may be:

  • Confronting the difficult realities of work within a mental health agencies

  • Feeling stagnant in terms of professional growth and enjoyment

  • Experiencing strong emotional reactions induced in the clinical work that can be confusing & overwhelming

  • Feeling that you’ve lost passion for the work

Being a psychotherapist can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding professions a person can have- provided one also has access to support for the inherent complexity and emotional intensity that come with the work. It’s been my observation, for instance, that current training no longer covers the extremely important factor of countertransference. Even when the trainee has been exposed to the concept, there has not been sufficient coverage of how to manage and utilize this enormously valuable and inevitable phenomenon.


As a supervisor, I specialize in working with clinicians who are interested in honing their craft, developing vitally important emotional insulation, and learning to use countertransference responses to deepen therapeutic work. When you want to gain confidence around pushing more deeply into your techniques to increase results for your clients and meet their maturational needs, this work together can get you there. As a consultant/supervisor, I will work collaboratively with you to understand the subtle dynamics of your cases and to explore how the therapeutic relationship is progressing. I will also work with you to ensure that you career is a long-term source of nourishment and deep fulfillment.

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